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Jester's Fleet Headquarters


7th Flotilla Statistics Page
  • Revamped and updated

Welcome one and all to the updated website of mine.  The overhaul was long overdue and there were many things that needed to be updated and changed, but alas real life commitments have slowed things down and postponed what needed to be done.  I hope you will enjoy the new areas and additions to the site.

  • 2nd Atlantic Campaign Update

The campaign is moving along, albeit slowly as I am the only one working on it at the moment.  If you have talents to assist, please shoot me an e-mail and I will give you an overview on how I see it should go.  This will be a campaign promoting the player from a 4-stacker tin can to a Battleship fleet commander.  For progress on the campaign's development, please check here.

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After Action Reports
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  • Missions in progress

"Canadian Theatre" - Wolfpack operations attacking Canadian shipping.


  • Missions in progress

"Italian Nemesis" - A British Task Force takes on elements of the Italian Navy near Corsica.