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10 Torpedoes hit the HMS Resolution

The Sharnhorst and Gneisenau had broken out into the Atlantic and I was dispatched from Lorient, France to intercept a British task force sailing from Scapa Flow and giving chase. 

I either didn't reach the interception point in time or just missed the task force entirely due to weather.  I never got a contact report with them until they were well past me.  I proceeded west in vain and ran into a large convoy steaming towards Halifax.

I was not in position to attack the convoy so, though daylight, I attempted an End-Run on the convoy while running on the surface.  As I feared, I was spotted by the escorts and I crash dove to 50 meters below test depth (200 for my boat) and would have gone further if it weren't for the sounds of bolts bursting.  The initial charges were too shallow though a couple came close.  I came up to periscope depth and picked off the escorts one by one with stern shots, evading after each attack.

Free of escorts, I proceeded towards the convoy when a large ship caught my eye.  It was a British Battleship (later to be identified as the HMS Resolution) in the middle of the convoy.  I decided to bypass the merchants for now and sink the big behemoth.  I closed to 1000 yards and fired all four bow tubes at the battleship and my last stern torpedo at the closest merchant.  All torpedoes struck home.  The Resolution then veered directly at me and forced me to crash dive.  I barely cleared her keel as she passed overhead. I came back up and did a 180 and reloaded the bow tubes.  From 850 yards, I fired all four again.  The first torpedo was a dud but the others exploded upon impact.  The Resolution was hurt but still steaming on.  I reloaded and fired my last two torpedoes into her and she still surged on albiet visibly crippled now.  She was listing and ablaze but still making headway.    I followed her underwater for about 20 minutes when her engines stopped and I saw that she had finally succumbed to fire and flooding. 

I then proceeded away from the convoy to a point where I was out of range of the guns on the merchant ships.  I surfaced and used my deck gun to sink a freighter and a tanker.  I then returned to Lorient, France where I recieved the Knight's Cross with Oak leaves upon my arrival.




HMS Resolution after initial 4 torpedo hits

HMS Resolution after second 4 torpedo hits (1 dud)

HMS Resolution after last 2 torpedo hits

HMS Resolution heads to the bottom

A tanker burns after volleys from my deck gun

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